Transfer Pricing Documentation services comprise the preparation of 3-tier documentation, i.e. Local File, Master File and Country-by-Country Report (‘CbCR’). We support consultants/ advisors in the preparation of documentation. Further, we also directly service multinational companies to comply with documentation requirements.

How it Works

For Multinational Companies:

For Consultants/ Advisors

TPNOMIX would leverage the existing Local File and Master File available with the consultant. The scope would include the following:

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Transfer pricing documentation is a set of documents and information that multinational companies are required to maintain to support the transfer prices used in their intercompany transactions. Transfer prices are the prices at which goods, services, or intangible assets are transferred between related companies or entities within a multinational group.

The purpose of transfer pricing documentation is to provide evidence that the transfer prices used in intercompany transactions are consistent with arm's length principles. Arm's length principle is the basis for determining the appropriate transfer prices between related companies in a multinational group, which requires the prices to be similar to the prices that unrelated companies would charge for similar transactions.

There are different types of transfer pricing documentation requirements in different countries, and the level of detail required varies. However, the most common documentation requirements include a master file, a local file, and a country-by-country report.

Transfer pricing documentation is essential for multinational companies to ensure compliance with tax laws and avoid potential penalties and disputes with tax authorities. It is also useful for providing transparency and clarity about intercompany transactions and transfer pricing policies to stakeholders such as investors, regulators, and customers.

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